How to use

How to Use Your New Smart Chip Enabled Field Center.
You've just purchased one of our smart field centers, now you need to learn how to use it. Don't worry, it's a short learning curve. Read on for instructions and scroll to the bottom of the page to see a video walk through from YGOpaisano!
Reading and Tapping
Any current up to date phone can tap and read your field center with out requiring an app for the NFC chip. However some phones may need their native NFC functions adjusted in the phone settings. 
Writing and Programming
You can customize and program your chip however you like based on your ability and the chips limitations. However, to do this you will need an app. Our team highly recommends 'NFC Tools' which can be found in the App Store or Google Play. 
If you are using 'NFC Tools' follow this written guide. As you use the app you will become more familiar with it and learn new things.
  1. Download and open the app; you will see three options, read, write, and other. Reading will let you tap the chip and see all of the information about the chip and its current settings or what ever information may be stored in it(such as links). Other is for more advanced commands, like setting a password for your field center. In this instructional we will focus mainly on writing. 
  2. Click 'Write'. This will open up your different writing options. Mainly, 'add record'. 
  3. Click 'Add Record'. A menu will pop up with all of the different options of things you can record to your field center. We will start by adding links.
  4. Click 'URL/URI'. A page will open allowing you to copy/paste or type out the URL code you want your chip to go to when it is tapped. A popular option is your '' link. 
  5. Input your desired URL but remember that 'https://' is already present and not required in the URL input bar. When you are done, click 'OK'.
  6. Now you will see the file you are going add shown below the 'Write' button and you can even see how many bytes that file is. From here you can click 'Write' and a "Ready to Scan" icon will pop and ask you to approach your NFC chip. Touch the chip on the back of your field center with your phone and hold it there for a few seconds after the check mark pops up to ensure writing completes.

And That's That!

You've successfully programmed your field center! If you can not manage to program it contact our help team! We are here to help you get it taken care of any way we can. Thank you for your purchase and we hope you enjoy!